A zero gravity chair is one61oNdBsAc3L._SL1000_ recliner that will help ease your back pains while you use it. By neutralizing the gravity placed upon the spinal cord and muscles the zero gravity position provided by these recliners allow the spinal discs to return to their normal shape and alignment.

These highly stylish and modern chairs look great in any setting and some even come with massage and heat functions. Although you can get cheaper outdoor variations of the chair that can be used indoors, if you really want to relax in style and want a chair that seamlessly fits into your living room decor one like the Svago chair (pictured) will certainly do the trick.

These innovative chairs are becoming increasingly futuristic and year after year the look of the chairs are improved along with the features and functionality, especially when it comes to the zero gravity massage chair! Often looking like a chair from Star Trek these massage chairs do not come cheap but do come complete with a load of features, many include the ablility to give you a full body massage with a range of different massage programs. Some of these chairs also include speakers and some let you program your personalized massage in time with the music you are playing from your music collection.

Although the chairs do not come cheap many truly believe that they are worth every dollar, retailing at around $1000 – $2000 for a regular indoor recliner or for a massage chair around $3000 +. The zero gravity chair is often used at home or in the office and if the indoor variations of the chair are a little too expensive there really is no reason not to use an outdoor patio chair indoors that you can usually pick up for under $100 from MyZeroGravityChair, Amazon or Walmart!

purple bedroom color scheme

We all have a favorite color and a perhaps a thought we associate with that particular tone, perhaps we feel it somehow expresses our own personality and it is for this reason that we often choose to decorate our homes in a similar color scheme. But where do you start? A home with too much red could give the feeling of anger and be too overbearing, Pink could make it too fantastical and unreal.

A good way to start on deciding is to prepare a mood board and perhaps share your ideas on the colors with your friends and family, your interpretation of for example the color purple cold be very different to what others are thinking. Choose your favorite color as perhaps the base color, perhaps initially use a paler tone of the color unless you are opting for a more overbearing atmosphere, a house with hot pink walls is probably going to give a far more intense feeling to your guests than one with a more subtle baby pink color scheme with a few flashes of magenta. Look for colors that complement your base color and try to bring about some tonal harmony in the scheme.

While you could use the same color in a range of different tones you may also wish to consider using contrasting colors that are in fact opposites, this will allow you to add more life to the room but don’t go overboard as two heavily featured colors that are in high contrast to each other may become slightly unbearable in the long run. A more preferable option would be to choose colors next to each other on a color wheel, this will allow for a more restful and calm color scheme and create a visual harmony with in the room.

Color can instantly affect your mood as well as the mood of your guests, warmer colors are a good idea for your hallway allowing guests to feel instantly welcomed as they walk in the door. Red often works well in the kitchen where as Blue or green is always a great choice for the bathroom allowing those surrounded by it to be less stressed and relaxed, in this instance a paler shade of blue or green is recommended rather than a more authoritative blue such as navy. Play around as much as you can before deciding on what room color you are going to opt for, why not take a look at one of the many color guides to feng shui to get a better idea of what each color conveys when used in a living environment.

Ready to get started? Then set up your color board, once this has been set up perhaps buy a few tester pots of paint and start experimenting by painting a few areas of your wall or paint onto pieces of non-absorbent paper and stick in to the wall. Leave the sheets for a few days and once you are feeling one gives you a more healthy and relaxed feeling it’s time to get going on creating the room of your dreams.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home – where guests will be welcomed, family meals will be eaten, and where, on the off chance that you’re a foodie, you’ll contribute an expansive segment of your vitality. That is the reason it’s basic to check your kitchen is perfect for you. If you love coming up with celebrations for friends and family, it takes the happiness out of it on the off chance that you’re engaging with an old, inefficient cooker, expecting to take a shot at messed worktops and faltering over the eating furniture. If this sounds like your cooking foundation, consider these arrangement considerations for an in vogue, front line and specifically of all, practical kitchen.


Nothing’s furthermore irritating when you’re coming up with a storm than somebody rushing in and thwarting your sustenance prep for the sole reason for getting a glass of water or all the more terrible, taking dependably to make some tea. Keep your support prep range toward one side of the kitchen, a long way from the refrigerator and sink, and in case you need to wash sustenance frequently, consider presenting as a more diminutive ‘food prep’ sink.

Cupboardless Environment

If you have extreme porcelain and kitchenware to superstar, there’s no inspiration driving why you shouldn’t. Open racking above and underneath your counters gives straightforward access to equipment and gives your kitchen an open, windy, front line look. It’s similarly an OK strategy for keeping everything sorted out – there’s no allurement to sling tidied up equipment into the coordinator when everything’s on display for all to see.


If your kitchen update incorporates supplanting mechanical assemblies, then now’s a better than average time to do the change to facilitated machines – machines which are fused with your kitchen setup. Having a joined refrigerator, stove, microwave, and whatever other kitchen devices you may wish to switch isn’t just space-saving and apparently captivating – various makers put a more prominent measure of their latest progressions into their organized machines on account of their creating reputation to the inconvenience of unsupported apparatus. Creators of fused devices join Amica, whose refrigerators, coolers, microwaves, cookers, grills, hobs, extractor hoods and other kitchen machines have imperativeness efficiency evaluations of An or more – noteworthiness veritable store reserves on essentialness bills.

Change for the Way You Cook

In case you use a lot of herbs and flavors in your cooking, then don’t waste time rummaging through your storerooms hunting down what you oblige – present a pizzazz rack for direct passage. On the off chance that you’re everlastingly hacking interminably, consider building as a cutting burden up into your worktop, or presenting a slide-away one which satisfies desires just like a drawer.

If the kitchen is the spot your heart is, that should be reflected in its look and organization. Keep everything present day, viable and essentialness beneficial using mechanical assemblies from tried and true brands.

Pink-Kitchen-Cabinet-Modern-DesignIt’s easy to infuse fun and identity into your kitchen by the selection of kitchen accessories in a matching colour to add a touch of style and identity to the room. The great thing about popular kitchen appliances and utensils is they now come in a range of bright and vibrant colours. Gone are the the days when you could only get goods for your kitchen workspace in steel or simply black or white.

As all experts of Feng Shui know a certain colour scheme is capable of bringing out the best or worst in people who frequently visit the room. A pink room can be seen to be a very feminine environment since many pinks in particular pastel, is the main colour of choice when buying for a baby girl. A pink room is associated with love and peace and in the kitchen has the ability to make the area more inviting by welcoming guests into a calm and relaxing environment, pink is after all one of the least threatening colours around! A Pink Kettle is a great start to furnishing your kitchen into a fairy tale princesses dream, you could even find matching toasters or microwaves and a whole host of pink kitchen accessories to adorn your kitchen surfaces.

If you love to cook in colour Le Creuset is another beautiful range to take a look at and can give you loads of inspiration and has a number of products in a range of colours that can get you started with some colour coordination in the kitchen. From Coastal blue kitchen products to a cassis purple kettle, casserole dish and teapots in stylish and sophisticated colours that are guaranteed to add class and style to any dining or kitchen area.

dont-mess-with-the-chef-gift-setAre you looking for the perfect apron for a chef you love? You can find Aprons for men who love to cook, if they are into films or have a sense of humour a novelty apron is a great gift idea! You can now find a range of comedy and novelty aprons perfect for a BBQ, if a man you know is into superheroes or Breaking Bad you can find something for everyone.

For a more personalized touch an Apron from Etsy UK is also a great idea for a gift, they have loads of handmade Aprons for men women and children that you can have personalized with you own name or image!

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