Pink-Kitchen-Cabinet-Modern-DesignIt’s easy to infuse fun and identity into your kitchen by the selection of kitchen accessories in a matching colour to add a touch of style and identity to the room. The great thing about popular kitchen appliances and utensils is they now come in a range of bright and vibrant colours. Gone are the the days when you could only get goods for your kitchen workspace in steel or simply black or white.

As all experts of Feng Shui know a certain colour scheme is capable of bringing out the best or worst in people who frequently visit the room. A pink room can be seen to be a very feminine environment since many pinks in particular pastel, is the main colour of choice when buying for a baby girl. A pink room is associated with love and peace and in the kitchen has the ability to make the area more inviting by welcoming guests into a calm and relaxing environment, pink is after all one of the least threatening colours around! A Pink Kettle is a great start to furnishing your kitchen into a fairy tale princesses dream, you could even find matching toasters or microwaves and a whole host of pink kitchen accessories to adorn your kitchen surfaces.

If you love to cook in colour Le Creuset is another beautiful range to take a look at and can give you loads of inspiration and has a number of products in a range of colours that can get you started with some colour coordination in the kitchen. From Coastal blue kitchen products to a cassis purple kettle, casserole dish and teapots in stylish and sophisticated colours that are guaranteed to add class and style to any dining or kitchen area.

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