A zero gravity chair is one61oNdBsAc3L._SL1000_ recliner that will help ease your back pains while you use it. By neutralizing the gravity placed upon the spinal cord and muscles the zero gravity position provided by these recliners allow the spinal discs to return to their normal shape and alignment.

These highly stylish and modern chairs look great in any setting and some even come with massage and heat functions. Although you can get cheaper outdoor variations of the chair that can be used indoors, if you really want to relax in style and want a chair that seamlessly fits into your living room decor one like the Svago chair (pictured) will certainly do the trick.

These innovative chairs are becoming increasingly futuristic and year after year the look of the chairs are improved along with the features and functionality, especially when it comes to the zero gravity massage chair! Often looking like a chair from Star Trek these massage chairs do not come cheap but do come complete with a load of features, many include the ablility to give you a full body massage with a range of different massage programs. Some of these chairs also include speakers and some let you program your personalized massage in time with the music you are playing from your music collection.

Although the chairs do not come cheap many truly believe that they are worth every dollar, retailing at around $1000 – $2000 for a regular indoor recliner or for a massage chair around $3000 +. The zero gravity chair is often used at home or in the office and if the indoor variations of the chair are a little too expensive there really is no reason not to use an outdoor patio chair indoors that you can usually pick up for under $100 from MyZeroGravityChair, Amazon or Walmart!

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